SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
Man loading saw into a saw holder on a tractor
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors

SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors

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× Longer scabbards are now available! Be sure to verify proper mounting clearance when ordering a longer length.

Securely transport your chainsaw on tractors with SawHaul. The SawHaul Universal Chainsaw Carrier Kit for Tractors simplifies transporting your chainsaw while operating your tractor. It’s the perfect solution for avoiding accidental damage to your chainsaw while enjoying peace of mind knowing that your saw is always secure and within reach. Compatible with all chainsaw brands, this kit installs in just minutes using the included SawHaul Mount, No-Drill Tractor Kit, Pro-Grade Scabbard, and Installation Hardware. The sheath is made of heavy-duty material with a proprietary UV-Protected 1/8" plastic that is removable for easily clearing out sawdust and wood chips (recommended based on usage) and a weep hole in the bottom for drainage. Additionally, the portable case fits the lift arms of most compact and sub-compact tractors. John Deere tractors can also be accommodated with a separate modification piece (sold separately). Please read the fitting guide here if you have a John Deere Loader Model 300CX, 320R, 440R, 400X, or 400CX. Upgrade your equipment today and enjoy getting more work done faster.

*Designed and made in a Chanute, Kansas, manufacturing facility right here in the USA!

Choose from Standard or Large Mounting sizes for a perfect fit -  Standard: Lift arms up to 7 3/4" wide and 3" - 5 1/2" deep. Large: Lift arms up to  12" wide and 4" - 6" deep.

  • Premium Protection: Our Carrier Kit securely transports your chainsaw wherever you take your tractor. The time savings alone pay for the product in just a couple of trips, plus you'll avoid expensive repair bills due to prevented accidental damage!
  • Universal Fit: Our chainsaw carrier is compatible with all chainsaw brands and comes in three scabbard lengths and six colors to accommodate bar sizes up to 36". 
  • Durable Design: The mount is made of heavy-duty powder-coated steel, and the scabbard is made of proprietary UV-protected, industrial-grade plastic with a weep hole in the bottom for drainage.
  • Easy Installation: This kit has everything you need for a simple and quick installation. Package includes chainsaw mount, no-drill tractor lift arm kit, pro-grade scabbard, and installation hardware. Instructions included.
  • Made in the USA: We stand behind our products, producing only high-quality equipment that’s made to last. This is why we proudly design and manufacture our Chainsaw Carrier Kits in the USA.


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Why is the Snap-Lok Mount Different from the Fixed Mount?

Chainsaws and tractors, a match made in heaven! But, let's be real, carrying a chainsaw while operating a tractor can be tricky business. That's where the SawHaul comes in - it's like a superhero cape for your chainsaw! Compatible with all chainsaw brands, it can carry bars up to 20" long (or longer if you tweak it), and installs in minutes. Plus, it's got a fancy Modular Snap-Lok System for extra accessories.  That's right! You can remove the SawHaul when you are not using a chainsaw and snap in the BucketHaul or the Toolhaul when you need to carry other tools (sold separately). The scabbard is made of heavy-duty material with a removable UV-Protected plastic cover for easy cleanup (wood chips, anyone?). There's even a weep hole in the bottom for drainage. And the best part? It fits most compact and sub-compact tractors with lift arms up to 7 3/4" wide and 5" deep. John Deere fans, don't worry - there's a separate mod piece for you. Click here for more intel on John Deere Loader Models 300CX, 320R, 440R, 400X, or 400CX. Get ready to rule the tractor and chainsaw worlds, all at once!

Why is the SawHaul so special?

SawHaul: The ultimate protection for your chainsaw! Our Carrier Kit makes sure your trusty tool is safe and sound as you travel with your tractor. Think of all the time and money you'll save. No more worrying about accidental damages, no more costly repairs! This kit is worth every penny, and you'll agree after just a few trips.

One size fits all! Our chainsaw carrier is like a superhero that can wrap its arms around any chainsaw brand, handling bars up to 20 inches in length, and can be customized to fit even longer ones. Plus, the mount can comfortably snuggle tractor lift arms up to 7 ¾ inches wide and 5 inches deep. It's like a cozy hug for your equipment!

Tough as nails! Our rotating mount is forged with powder-coated steel and showcases the Expandable Modular Snap-Lok System, making tool transfers a breeze. Meanwhile, the industrial-grade plastic scabbard boasts a weep hole for all your drainage needs.

Breeze through installment with our easy-peasy kit, including the Snap-Lok System Base Mount, a pro-grade scabbard, and all the hardware you need to get up and running. Instructions included, so you can focus on getting work done!

Our equipment is tougher than the Hulk, made right here in the USA with love and care. We believe in crafting only the best, top-of-the-line Chainsaw Carrier Kits that'll last!

John Deere Owners Please Read

John Deere loaders boast distinctive designs, and while models like 120R, H120, 220R, and 300E often accommodate Standard Tractor Mount adapters for their tool holders, not all models with the same number are identical. It's crucial to take precise measurements.  Click here for your special fitting guide.

Snap-Lok Care and Maintenance

Your Snap-Lok kit has moving components and it may be exposed to dust and debris. Periodically clean out all crevices with forced air and be sure to lubricate all moving parts periodically.

How much is Shipping?

We offer Free Standard Shipping on all domestic orders in lower 48 states with a subtotal of $149 or more (after applicable discounts). Orders are typically shipped out within 1-2 business days of the order being placed. You have the option to upgrade your shipping rate at checkout by choosing your own carrier. Fees are reflected at checkout. All free shipping choice orders are shipped via most economical way and may take up to 10-14 days once it has departed our warehouse. Most of the time, our free shipping options have only taken 5-7 days once fulfilled.

All other shipping locations show the shipping rates at checkout. 

We do not charge a mark-up on shipping. Your GearHaul Product is Made in the USA and we use Real American Steel. So its heavy. 

Scabbard Lifespan

The scabbards are a 'consumable' commodity and will need replacing as you use your SawHaul more and more. Due to the nature of sharp edges and friction, we can not warranty the scabbard. Please click here for a direct link to a replacement scabbard. Here are some tips to help prolong the life of your scabbard:
-Always ensure the chain has come to a complete stop before loading the saw into your SawHaul
-Load your saw parallel into the scabbard to avoid as much contact as possible with the interior of the scabbard.
-Periodically clean out the scabbard of dust, debris, and wood chips on a regular basis

New Scabbard Won't Fit My SawHaul Bracket

If your bracket has a plastic liner inside of it held in place by a rivet, then it (the liner) will need to be removed as we have redesigned the 20" & 28" scabbards to have that molded into the scabbard itself. Its simple to do. Just use a 3/16" bit and drill out the rivets after you remove the bracket from your tractor. Remove all pieces of the plastic liner. Then reinstall onto your tractor. Your new scabbard came with these instructions taped to the scabbard inside the box.
Your new scabbard will fit your bracket. Slide it down and when you get some resistance at the thicker neck, give it a squeeze with your left hand (like you are holding a hamburger) and bump it on down with your right fist. 

Can we fit a Skid steer?

Skid steers usually have two options. The first is to get a Flush Mount Tool Holder for Flat surfaces, drilling two holes into a panel, and directly bolting the tool holder to the skid steer. It can also be welded because, well, American-made steel.
The second options is to verify measurements with a tractor kit. Some skid steers allow a tractor kit mount UBolt to wrap around a lift arm somewhere on the unit. We offer two sizes of tractor kits with these UBolts. The standard fits up to 7 3/4" wide and up to about 5 1/2" thick while the large fits up to 12" wide and about 6" thick.

Customer Reviews

Based on 259 reviews
David Couser (Ypsilanti, US)
Great product

I would not hesitate to buy another one.

Bruce Loberg (Oshkosh, US)


Noel McCann

Chainsaw dogs keep saw from fully going into the plastic sheath and is loose.

Randy Parker (Brooktondale, US)
Very handy

Fit perfectly, holds the saw very securely.
Much better than bouncing around in the bucket !

Gary Decker (Boyne City, US)
Saw Haul on a Mahindra

I love the utility of the Saw Haul. It sure beats throwing a chain saw in the loader bucket and trying to strap in from bouncing in the bucket. Let me comment on the instructions. It’s not difficult to mount, a u tube video far surpasses the written instructions. I added a length on clear plastic tubing the diameter of the U bolt to better hug the loader arm. Second point on a Mahindra 38 hp. The plastic sleeve that hold the saw vibrates against the loader arm. What is needed is a rubber cushion about the size of a hockey puck to fill the gap between the loader arm and the saw haul sleeve to keep it from “smacking “ the loader arm. Just some ideas to make the fit even better

Orange Kubota Tractor with SawHaul Complete Kit for Tractors mounted to the tractor's loader arm


Universal Mounting

Fits any brand of chainsaw, with several different scabbard options to accommodate any bar length. This kit mounts to nearly every tractor loader lift arm (left or right side). SawHaul has been mounted to hundreds of different tractor models.

Easy Access

Grab and Go

Gravity holds your saw in place, even when the ride gets bumpy. To use your saw, lift it straight up to remove. Then drop it back into the heavy-duty, removable scabbard when you are finished. No complicated thumb screws, latches, bungee cords, or jerry-rigging (sorry Uncle Jerry!)


American Made

SawHaul products are manufactured in Southeast Kansas using American Steel and Plastics. Supporting the local economy is a core value of our company.