I have a John Deere loader... now what?

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of one of the most globally recognized brands today, not just in the industry, but worldwide. Your choice reflects a commitment to excellence and a legacy in the making—well done!

Loader Compatibility

How to Fit Your Loader

John Deere loaders boast distinctive designs, and while models like 120R, H120, 220R, and 300E often accommodate Standard Tractor Mount adapters for their tool holders, not all models with the same number are identical. It's crucial to take precise measurements.

Taking Measurements

Start by measuring the width and depth of your lift arm. We offer two mounting sizes:

  • Standard: Width 4" - 7 3/4", Depth 3" - 5 1/2" thick
  • Large: Width 7" - 12", Depth 4" - 6" thick

Your Options

Your lift arm may fit the Standard width but be too deep. Avoid the Large Mount size as it may stick out on each side a little too far. Opt for the Standard Mount and add an additional Flat Bar (Click Here) for lift arms with greater depth. Upon receiving your order, set aside the included UBolt and use longer all-thread bolts from your local hardware store. Attach the tool holder per the included instructions, place the additional Flat Bar behind the lift arm, and secure with the longer bolts. Refer to the diagram below for a SawHaul Bracket installation.

Special Considerations for 300CX and 320R Models

The 300CX and 320R models feature distinctive curves, but the open backs of the lift arms do not affect tool carrier installation. To address concerns about slippage, consider wrapping a bicycle tire tube around the mounting point before securing the tool carrier. For these models, you may also opt to mount the tool carrier toward the driver on the side of the lift arm, as shown in the image below.

John Deere 300CX 300X 320R SawHaul GearHaul

Another option is to mount a spacer (Click Here) on the inside of your tool carrier when dealing with lift arms that have an outer curve or indentation.

John Deere 300X 300CX 320R SawHaul GearHaul

Installation for 440R Models

Most 440R models with cabs have one primary option—the Snap-Lok Rotating Large Mount Size. Due to the unique angle of attachment, the rotating ability is necessary for setting it back to a vertical position during transport. See the image below for a SawHaul installation with the Snap-Lok Rotating Mount.

John Deere 440R SawHaul GearHaul Chainsaw Carrier

Installation for 400X and 400CX

These models may have to follow the tips needed for the additional Flat Bar mentioned at the beginning under Your Options. Again, be sure to measure strategically.

Not Just for SawHauls

These installation tips are not just for SawHaul. They apply to BucketHaul and ToolHaul, as well.

Ensure a smooth installation process by following these guidelines. For visual assistance, refer to the accompanying images and diagrams. If you encounter any challenges, don't hesitate to contact us for support. Happy hauling!