Our Story

Take care of your saw, so your saw can take care of you. Introducing SawHaul, the Universal Chainsaw Carrier. SawHaul easily mounts practically any piece of equipment, such as tractors, UTVs, and many more. SawHaul is the best way to carry your saw for quick and convenient access for multiple situations. Proudly Made in the USA using top-of-the-line materials. Add years to the life of your chainsaw while protecting your investment with SawHaul.

Kenny Finley, Founder and CEO of SawHaul, learned his lesson the hard way. Never place a saw in the bucket of your tractor. Ever since his expensive saw bounced out and was run over, he has been on a mission to find a better way to transport a chainsaw safely and securely. After several years of field-testing and many trips back to the drawing board, Kenny has finally found the perfect combination of American-Made Steel and Special UV-Resistant plastics to make the SawHaul the must-have accessory for every wood-cutter out there. 

The SawHaul Universal Chainsaw Carrier/Mount is your go-to solution for hassle-free chainsaw transportation. Compatible with all chainsaw brands, this mount comes complete with easy-to-install mounting hardware, ensuring a quick setup in minutes.

Crafted with precision in the USA, the SawHaul features a scabbard made from our proprietary UV-protected non-chain-dulling heavy-duty plastic. The 1/4” protective cap includes a convenient tool holder, while the weep hole at the bottom ensures efficient drainage.

Built to last, the SawHaul's durable materials provide premium protection for your chainsaw. The heavy-duty powder-coated steel mount ensures sturdiness and reliability, giving you peace of mind during transportation.

Rest easy with our Limited Lifetime Warranty, guarding against manufacturing defects. The SawHaul not only safeguards your chainsaw but also saves you money by preventing accidental damage. Invest in the SawHaul for a secure and reliable chainsaw transport solution.