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Great product!

Customer service was very knowledgeable


Talk about an awesome accessory for your tractor or UTV. Extremely functional and handy, solves the problem of No on board storage on a tractor. Plus extremely well made and heavy duty.

Great customer service !!

Top Notch Service

Their goods (holders) are great! I ordered many times and the last time I had to cancel because it was a dupe order. They sent back a personal note acknowledging it. That’s seldom from any big company. Personal service.

Replacement scabbard

Works great as advertised!

So far, so good

Waiting to see if the magnet holds during the rougher rides. Otherwise it looks like a winner.

Perfect secure phone carrier

Perfect carrier to hold phone on tractor or zero turn. Easy to move from either. Cuts down on how dirty it gets and makes it easy to still see screen! Great Father's day gift!

Need adapter.

Appears to be a good product but I am having trouble finding a place to mount on rops due to shape and my lights on tractor. I will have to make another bracket to adapt. I have a Massey Ferguson 1835M.

Kioti 4210se cab

Product is great very happy, do to my tractor having lower tank on LT side I mounted it on the RT side, works great thank you !
Received it faster then expected 🥇

The assembly instructions were written in small letters and pictures, not very clear. I received two bolts and I’m not sure what to do with them.

SawHaul Fixed Mount for Tractors
Christopher Princing
Sawhaul for Massey GC2300

The sawhaul is constructed nicely, I have zero issues with the product. My only concern is the mount. At the top it is fine and all of the hardware is solid, but the bottom is unsupported and the scabbord swings around with every bump or dip as you move. I am working on a lower scabboard support to fix this, but am surprised this is not included, unless I am doing something wrong with the mount? Yes, I would buy again.

Great idea,bad execution

I have gone through 3 of the sleeves for this set up in 2 years. They do not last. The idea is fantastic, having my saw close when I'm working the yard/field/woods. The longevity of the pieces needs work.


SawHaul Pro Grade Scabbard
Thomas Cassavaugh
Excellent Protection

I ordered just the scabbard as i had a Versa hitch with a chainsaw bracket in it. I had to grind out the bracket area to accommodate the scabbard. The manufacturer scabbard was very flimsy compared to this. well worth the money in my opinion.

Good chainsaw holder

The SawHaul Complete Holder for Tractors came with all parts necessary to install this excellent invention on my Kubota 3902 tractor. The only change I made was to wrap the back of the U-bolt with wrapping tape to protect the back side of the lift support. I look forward to using the SawHaul Holder as I go out to do tree work with my tractor.

Every tractor should have one

Absolutely an awesome easy to install product that will transport my chainsaw safely and easily on both my tractor and UTV. And thanks for making the product in the USA!
Tonys Cool Tools

SawHaul Classic Hoodie
timothy farrell

Good quality and price

Great product. Well built and constructed. Solid purchase. Works great on tractor and allows the user to access chainsaw while traveling property for cleanup areas. exceptional customer service.

SawHaul Pro Grade Scabbard
Lindsay Trittipoe
Great Product; Company Offers Wonderful Customer Service

SawHaul makes a great product and offers wonderful customer service. The product itself is a 'must have' for anyone with a tractor who needs to cart around a chainsaw. Once the SawHaul is mounted you can safely transport your chainsaw on the tractor. I ended up breaking my scabbard -- no fault of the product -- and needed a replacement. The company had a replacement scabbard quickly delivered to me, which put me back in business.

Best Tractor Accessory

The installation of the SawHaul on both my Kioti tractor and Kubota UTV was extremely simple and easy. I couldn’t believe how heavy duty the parts were. I’m looking forward to years of use with the Sawhaul. I also found the Callhaul a very useful accessory for safely housing and transporting my cell phone on my tractor or UTV. Thanks again for manufacturing a quality product especially since it’s made in the USA.

On it

Ordered a replacement scabbard. It arrived in just a few days. These guys are On It.

SawHaul stands behind their product.

Provides a safe and convenient way to haul my saw on both my tractor and Polaris ranger. A couple of weeks ago, I was using my tractor and saw for clean up during a storm. The top of the scabbard broke while re-loading the saw on to the tractor. After sending SH proof of how it occurred, they promptly sent a replacement.

SawHaul Snap-Lok 360 Base Kit

SawHaul Base Kit with Pro Grade Scabbard