Giving Back for the Next Generation

Giving Back for the Next Generation

Buy a SawHaul, Plant a Tree

In the spirit of giving back and responsible stewardship of our planet's natural resources, we're excited to announce our new "Buy a SawHaul, Plant a Tree" program starting on July 15, 2022. We have partnered with The Eden Project and TheGoodApi to plant a tree for each item purchased from our website! You'll now see your impact at checkout, and you can view our total program impact below:

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About The Eden Project

The Eden Project works with local communities to plant and protect trees that grow into healthy forests. To help ensure the trees develop into mature forests, they plant native species at the right time and place through a variety of production methods. After four to six years, many of these trees naturally regenerate, and the ecosystem begins to flourish once again. Watch the video below to learn about how The Eden Project grows trees into forests.

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